Avans Multidisciplinary eXperience


Avans Multidisciplinary eXperience

If you are a second or third-year student who aspires to look beyond your own study programme, enjoy helping working on real-world practical assignments and are looking for more challenge in your study programme, then take part in the Avans Multidisciplinary eXperience (AMX), from 30 th Oktober to 3 th November 2023.

What is AMX?

AMX is a multidisciplinary online project week in which groups of students from a number of study programmes work on real-life, current cases presented by companies or institutions. Together with your team, you will work on innovative solutions for this case. At the end of the week, you and your team will present your results.

Student Karsten van Bezooijen says,
“The AMX week is fun, educational and really teaches you how to work together and how to think out of the box.”

What do we expect from you?

You are entrepreneurial, motivated and proactive. A creative and investigative attitude comes naturally to you. Working with students who specialise in other fields of knowledge appeals to you. You think in terms of opportunities and are driven by results. You are available on a full-time basis from 30 th October to 3 th November 2023.

More information

If you would you like to know more, then please contact us by sending an e-mail to amx@avans.nl

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Avans Multdisciplinary eXperience

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